IRS Problem Resolution

Someday the phone may ring or a letter may arrive in the mail telling you that the IRS either disputes or wants more information on your tax return.  For some this is the beginning of sleepness nights and worry.   But it doesn't have to be that way.     

Congress long ago recognized that dealing with the government is difficult and the public should have access to a profession that had demonstrated expertise in these complicated matters and as a result in 1884 they Congress created a tax professional designation called an Enrolled Agent.

Laura J. Wood, Enrolled Agent and President of NAMS has successfully represented tax payers before the IRS for over a decade.   By choosing a professional enrolled agent you remove yourself from the direct interaction with the  IRS which for most people provides great stress relief.   In additon we know the law, we know when the IRS is fishing and we know how to stop it.  We know when their requests are allowed and when they are not.   We know when their ascertations are valid and when they are not.

You can defend yourself against being run over by the IRS and were able to help.   If you have a problem or know of someone who does let them know about our service.    407-869-5766 Call us now! or email

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